No Pressure

No Pressure is a transformative guide to restore hope, shift perspective and affect positive change in the lives of those who find themselves in pursuit of greatness. Filled with personal stories of resilience, real life strategies to navigate hardship and raw insight on activating hope in a hard place.

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George Brown III brings to market raw and riveting truth to activate growth, healing and redemption despite one’s past mistakes. He is an advocate for personal transformation as a result of mental fortitude and an elevated outlook on life, growth and possibilities. Honing in on his personal mantra to never fold under pressure, but to instead, resist the urge to quit by meeting adversity with the idea that opposition is merely an opportunity to level up.

After being sentenced to 30 years in prison and finally winning an appeal after 15 years, George was able to garner success after transitioning back into society and launching his “No Pressure” mission to prevent young men from making life altering decisions that would allow them to fall victim to incarceration in the penal system. Written with the struggles that plague marginalized communities in mind, and a path of enlightenment at heart, this inspiring volume of work couples relatable stories that often negatively impact young black men in America with transformative insight to change the way they view themselves and the communities they are part of. Filled with ready to implement resources to evoke lasting change and actionable steps to take immediate action; “No Pressure” is an ode to living a life of wellness, success and community contribution. It’s a provocative reminder of the power to change your life as a result of changing your mind.



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“I wish I knew this 5 years ago. This book helped to change my life”


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George Brown III


I have been through a lot in my life. Yet I am still here and thriving. Everyone I was raised with can’t say the same. This is why my purpose is to encourage anyone that may not have a perfect or ideal background or living situation to make a great life for themselves. I believe this is why I struggled. I want to be a guiding light to anyone that is going down a similar path and show them that there is more to life.


List of chapters included in the ebook



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